Apr 192009

gordonsYesterday, enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon that started in Gordon’s Wine Bar (London’s oldest, apparently) and ended on the terrace by the Royal Festival Hall, overlooking the Thames. First warm afternoon for a good while.  

While I’ve lived in and around London for nigh on ten years I very rarely visit or look at any of it, because it’s full of scary weirdos…

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Mar 252009
Three peak district walks near Longnor, near Buxton
Looking, er, Southish from Parkhouse Hill
Looking North(ish) from Parkhouse Hill, near Longnor

Oh, the endless jokes about peaking too early. Moments of fun! Good thing the weather was nice and, for once, I quite enjoyed scrabbling about the hilltops near Longnor and Glutton, just south of Buxton.

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