Feb 072010

UK Home Secretary Alan Johnson has revealed an amazing plan to convert the traditional outcome of a typical night out in the UK – glassing – into mere denting, according to an Associated Press report. He aims to swap ordinary glass glasses for more nanny-friendly shatterproof versions.

“British Home Secretary Alan Johnson holds two prototype pint glasses designed not to break up into dangerous shards on impact” – Associated Press

Phase two is rumoured to involve the production of non-stinging beer and splashproof tumblers. Each year, literally tens of Londoners suffer mild drink-related eye trauma due to careless carousing.

Also on the cards are blunt cocktail sticks; non-exploding maraschino cherries (the alcohol and sugar can easily be converted into semtex); and a genetically modified lemon that can be sliced without leaving sharp edges.

We feel safer every day.

Apr 192009

gordonsYesterday, enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon that started in Gordon’s Wine Bar (London’s oldest, apparently) and ended on the terrace by the Royal Festival Hall, overlooking the Thames. First warm afternoon for a good while.  

While I’ve lived in and around London for nigh on ten years I very rarely visit or look at any of it, because it’s full of scary weirdos…

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Mar 242009
Preparation is everything.

Preparation is everything.

Sadly, the world is full of eager hosts who promise splendid caffeine-based refreshment but deliver something woeful and insipid – more akin to hot brown water than the real thing.

So here’s the recipe for perfect, instant coffee. None of your posh chrome filter automatic bean grinding £1,000 coffee machine here, oh no. That’s for people with more time and money than sense need for caffeine.

This is coffee from a jar kind of coffee, because it’s cheaper, quicker, and if done properly much more effective.

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