Oct 272009

www.thankgoditstakeaway.co.uk. What a great idea (assuming you care more for takeaway food than you do your arteries, skin, wallet, waistline and so on).

Here’s a link to the menu for Elachi, the best Indian delivered to your door in the Epping region:

Elachi Epping Indian takeaway menu

(Chandni Chowk and Zaikaa are arguably better if you like “proper” food, but Chandni Chowk doesn’t do my fave dishes and the restaurant tries too hard to be trendy; Zaikaa’s food and service are excellent, but they don’t deliver).

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Apr 142009

No-one in Essex needs assistance getting legless, but maybe you need to know who to call if you want walls skimming, ceilings smoothing, brickwork chopping out and all that other stuff a plasterer does. I did. We’re in Epping, and used a couple of guys recently who don’t seem to advertise – they were recommended to us by other people in the trade…

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