Jan 142010

I liked my little Samsung NC10. Bought just before Christmas 2008, it was mostly everything the reviews said it would be: small, reasonably powerful, reasonably easy to use, good battery life, and most importantly cheap – especially as I managed to get mine for £250 from Amazon, at a time when the RRP was about 50 quid more.

It lasted until a whole week after the warranty expired before dying on me. The reason for its untimely demise? Bad Lid Design (probably).

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Nov 202009

a) buy an operating system that gives you access to the fundamental functions you need, along with a truckload of functions you don’t, which has a serious impact on the things you do, and which you have to pay for, but can sometimes turn off.


b) get an operating system that gives you access to the fundamental content you need, along with a truckload of content you don’t, which has a serious impact on the things you do, and which someone else has to pay for, but which you cannot turn off.

Oct 272009

www.thankgoditstakeaway.co.uk. What a great idea (assuming you care more for takeaway food than you do your arteries, skin, wallet, waistline and so on).

Here’s a link to the menu for Elachi, the best Indian delivered to your door in the Epping region:

Elachi Epping Indian takeaway menu

(Chandni Chowk and Zaikaa are arguably better if you like “proper” food, but Chandni Chowk doesn’t do my fave dishes and the restaurant tries too hard to be trendy; Zaikaa’s food and service are excellent, but they don’t deliver).

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Oct 212009

Was the multitude of patches that came through Windows Update, just a few days ago, really responsible for Windows XP suddenly behaving like a sick dog – mere days before the release of Windows 7?

It would be terribly wrong to make such an accusation. So it’s a good thing I only asked myself that question in a dream I had last night.

I dreamed that Outlook 2003 suddenly took to posting a little taskbar message about rendering the view, when before it happily just rendered it. I dreamed that Internet Explorer, which had previously been merely sluggish at doing pretty much anything, especially when plugins were involved, had become almost catatonic when asked to do something simple (like, y’know, showing me a web page or something). I dreamed that Reaper used to start up in 10 seconds, not 30. I dreamed that startup and shutdown were about 30 seconds quicker, too.

I dreamed many such things. I wonder if they will be true when I wake up?