Oct 212009

Was the multitude of patches that came through Windows Update, just a few days ago, really responsible for Windows XP suddenly behaving like a sick dog – mere days before the release of Windows 7?

It would be terribly wrong to make such an accusation. So it’s a good thing I only asked myself that question in a dream I had last night.

I dreamed that Outlook 2003 suddenly took to posting a little taskbar message about rendering the view, when before it happily just rendered it. I dreamed that Internet Explorer, which had previously been merely sluggish at doing pretty much anything, especially when plugins were involved, had become almost catatonic when asked to do something simple (like, y’know, showing me a web page or something). I dreamed that Reaper used to start up in 10 seconds, not 30. I dreamed that startup and shutdown were about 30 seconds quicker, too.

I dreamed many such things. I wonder if they will be true when I wake up?

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