Various recordings, including the good, the bad and the ugly. Some is truly ugly, not least because I like one-take stuff, but I think some of the good bits are quite good. Roughly, in date order:

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content with no form (2010-11)
A collection of new, rough and (mostly) acoustic songs.
  • In the cloud (2011)

  • On a whim, for The Register's 'PARIS' project:
  • Vulture Air jingle (2010)

  • Stuff I can't explain for a retro remake of The Goonies game (2010):

  • Pirate Fairground Drunken Marching Band

  • Pirate Lament

  • Goonies theme

  • Goonies 'R' Good Enough

  • With apologies to Dave Grusin and Cyndi Lauper for the last two. Actually, to everybody for all four.
    ASCIIpOrtal (2009)
    Music for a game created by Joe Larson.
    string thing (2008-2009)
    Attempts at composing for trios and quartets.
    space monkeys (2006)
    Cowboy MMOG music.
    medication for the soft & strong (2000-2006)
    Rough demos...
  • Elena (2003)
    One take. Cry on, not down.

  • Lady Says (2006 ish)
    experiment (2000)
    Just messing around with samples.
    Wave (1994-1998)
    Short-lived indie rock band in Leicester.

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