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medication for the soft & strong
Rough demos...

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1.Baby boom (0.7Mb)
2.Hitman (1.1Mb)
3.High & low (1.7Mb)
4.Sapphire (1.8Mb)
5.Bony (1.2Mb)
6.Ripples (2Mb)
7.And her (1.8Mb)
8.Hold back the morning (2.2Mb)
9.We have gone gold (2.1Mb)


All music © 2000-2006 Steve Fenton

...including a lot of wasted one-take recordings. A project that I frequently meant to finish, but never quite did. There were more songs planned, but not completed, and some of the existing songs needed paring down to excise the overly maudlin and hone the bits that were any good. It's too long and not a very happy listen. But there we are.

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