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Cowboy MMOG music

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1. I'm a traveller (4.5Mb)
2. Runnin' slaves to Zion (3.5Mb)

All music © 2006 Steve Fenton

This wasn't a particularly serious project. It's all to do with The Universal, an independent MMOG I'm involved with. "Runnin' slaves" was written as a joke and is pretty bad in every way. "I'm a Traveller" followed the next day, and I actually quite like it. For "country" music. Everything was recorded in one (or maybe two) takes while I had a cold. I don't really like this style, but I found something liberating in trying to write stuff about something that doesn't matter in a style you don't like. Which is why, I think, "I'm a Traveller" worked out quite well. And now I kinda want to write some more.

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