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Short-lived indie rock band in Leicester

Last gig - Princess Charlotte, Leicester, 1998 (?)
Very bad dictaphone recording, but the only time these songs were captured live. Left-click to play or right-click and 'save as':

1. Old New Funky One (2.7Mb)
2. Say (3.3Mb)
3. Little Pieces (3.4Mb)
4. Water to Wine (2.6Mb)
5. Golden Man (3.7Mb)
6. Tiny Dancer (fragment) (2.9Mb)
7. Instant Nowhere (4.2Mb)

All music © 1998 Wave

Wave at this point was Lorna Fallon (singing things); Steve Fenton (grunting things and playing guitar); Matt Hamer (guitars, hair and beards); Jay Smith (banging things); and Pete Bishop (vaguely playing bass). Aside from lots of poorly attended gigs and the occasional triumph at the Charlotte, our claim to fame was reaching the dizzy heights of Guitarist magazine's Demo of the Month. Sort of standing on a chair dizzy, but I think we were proud.

Demo 2, 1997
Left-click to play or right-click and "Save as":

1. Say (1.4Mb)
2. Water to Wine (2.9Mb)
3. Instant Nowhere (1.3Mb)

All music © 1997 Wave

A demo recorded in Bedrock Studios, Leicester, by a nice man called Scott. The band had the same line-up as above. Steve had a cold. Lorna's song "Water to Wine" was Guitarist demo of the month sometime that year. Steve wrote Say; Steve wrote Instant Nowhere, with assistance from Lorna while very merry indeed.

Demo 1, 1995
Left-click to play or right-click and "Save as":

1. One more blast (3.3Mb)
2. Nothing to say (3.5Mb)
3. Only half (4.7Mb)

All music © 1995 Wave

Our first demo. Wave at this point was Lorna Fallon (vocals); Steve Fenton (bad vocals, keys, guitar); Jon Revill (vocals, guitar); Jay Smith (drums); and Pete Bishop (bass). Jon wrote "nothing to say" and Lorna wrote "one more blast". I, unfortunately, wrote "only half", which is a bizarre thing that manages to be simultaneously unfinished and too long. And not very good, though I do quite like the chorus chords.

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