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Music for the game created by Joe Larson

Left-click to play or right-click and 'save as':

1.Oh no, I'm looking at myself (again) (0.5Mb) (intro theme)
2. Almost Invisible (1Mb) (ambient candy)
3. Flaw Plan (1.3Mb) (ambient threat)
4.Scream Of Consciousness (0.7Mb) (ambient threat)
5.Over The Edge (1Mb) (ambient threat)
6.Sky High (1.3Mb) (ambient candy)
All music © 2009 Steve Fenton

ASCIIpOrtal is a game created by Joe Larson. Joe kindly asked me to provide sounds and various bits of music, which we worked out as we went along. Find out more at http://www.cymonsgames.com.

Not everything here made it into the final game. Not everything planned for the game has made it here yet. Ambient tracks are deliberately unobtrusive & simple, sketched musak for gameplay. The main theme was conceived as a test subject's response to a certain song...the complete version may appear here, one day.

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