Apr 282010

 The Election Song Contest  is hotting up, with loads of entries… some daft, some daft but good, and some just good. For some reason there are songs scattered randomly across a number of sites:

Election Song Contest on Facebook:

Election Song Contest on YouTube:

Election Song Contest blog:

Election Song Contest on Twitter:

Election Song Contest on SoundCloud:

And there’s this, from me, which doesn’t seem to feature on much of the above:

Check out the links and songs… there’s an election night party planned where a winner will be chosen, apparently…

Apr 252010

Two takes, rare moment of pseudo political interest. For more info, see:

Feb 072010

UK Home Secretary Alan Johnson has revealed an amazing plan to convert the traditional outcome of a typical night out in the UK – glassing – into mere denting, according to an Associated Press report. He aims to swap ordinary glass glasses for more nanny-friendly shatterproof versions.

“British Home Secretary Alan Johnson holds two prototype pint glasses designed not to break up into dangerous shards on impact” – Associated Press

Phase two is rumoured to involve the production of non-stinging beer and splashproof tumblers. Each year, literally tens of Londoners suffer mild drink-related eye trauma due to careless carousing.

Also on the cards are blunt cocktail sticks; non-exploding maraschino cherries (the alcohol and sugar can easily be converted into semtex); and a genetically modified lemon that can be sliced without leaving sharp edges.

We feel safer every day.