Mar 282009

pwongNothing complicated going on here… take the old favourite, Pong, rotate the playing field and add loads of fuzzy glowing effects, a thumping soundtrack, some breakoutesque pickups and lots of balls.

If you drop a ball you lose points and take a step towards losing the game. If you get ’em past the computer-controlled paddle you win points and get to play for longer. 

It’s simple and fun and only marred by the eternal problem with Flash games: if, in your excitement, you mouse off the playing area you lose control and generally lose the game.

Play Pwong here:

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  3 Responses to “Pwong: Flash game review”

  1. please tell me the name of the song and some that sound like it

    (NB: yes, I know this is almost certainly spam but the question was still relevant, so…)

  2. I know the answer but I can’t remember it. They played the original to me during PE lessons when I was at school, aged about 6. But I can’t remember the name, even of the original. Sorry…

  3. Ok, I finally found it (actually thanks to this post at the game’s original site:

    It’s a remix of the old classic, Popcorn (originally by Gershon Kingsley: see for more info). This version’s by a guy/gal/group that goes by the name of EON.

    There’s a playable version of the track here: