Jul 052009

ideas that think for themselves

The essence of this vibrant and innovative brand* is captured with stark, slab-like lettering that reflects the stark, slab-like nature of the company and its clients. This is softened only slightly by a subtle and lazily applied drop shadow to make sure we’re covered if someone asks if it’s all about the people, isn’t it?

A slightly putrid orange provides the backdrop, showing the brand to be innovative and exciting but not too innovative and exciting for its mostly ancient, golfing target market. A new tagline, “ideas that think for themselves” is thought provoking as well as comforting and is reinforced by the ovoid canvas. This suggests a birthing process, the eggs of ideas and invoices that are incubated and hatched forth for a grateful clientelle.

Finally, a tick used in place of the dot of the “i” adds a jaunty aspect to the brand identity. This is in case we have to have meetings with people who like reports, or people who work in Marketing.



* A silly idea I had some time ago for an AMR/Gartner-esque company identity. It seems that someone has been daft enough to use it for a real company name.  I’m sorry about that :]

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